eyebrow-22-10-15                                                                                                              Eyebrow tinting $25

                                                                                                                     Eyelash tinting $20



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Underarms $10

Half arms $20

Full arms $30

Half legs $25

Full legs $40

Back $45

Make up and Henna

Call for Pricing

Hair Treatments 

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Scalp Treatments  : Call for pricing

Deep conditioning Treatments  : Call for pricing





 Call for pricing ( Valid for Women only)
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Age Smart treatment : Skin aging facial to revitalize and power boost the skin to help firm,smooth,nourish,regenerate and energize.This treatment helps control the biochemical triggers that lead to skin aging. Perfect for premature aging and sun damage skin.

Ultra Calming treatment : Calms and soothes the skin by targeting the triggers behind redness,itching and stinging while helping to recover skin health for long term relief. Perfect for irritated, reactive and sensitized skin.

Dermalogica treatment : H ave none of the above? Not to worry. Let us customize your treatment based on the skin analysis by using dermalogica’s unique complexes and botanical mixers to provide benefits to your skin.

Oil control : Control oil and deep clean with this purifying,texture smoothing treatment. Perfect for priming skin before a special event to help skin stay matte and refreshed all day.



Stress relief Touch therapy Massages : Call for pricing  ( Valid for Women only)

Back treatment : Benefit from special attention paid to the shoulder,neck,arms and back. Relieve stress and anxiety while helping to loosen tight muscles for all over relief.

Scalp treatment : Loosen tension in neck, forehead and upper shoulders with gentle pressure and massaging movements that calm and deliver relaxing benefits.

Hand & arms treatment : Relax while we relieve your pain with extra massage movements that focus on the arms, hand and fingers.

Foot reflexology : This amazing foot treatment relieves pressure on nerve endings, which can put stress on the neural pathways and trigger reactions in the corresponding organs.